” Rumours “

Like one of the best selling records Fleetwood Mac wrote, rumours, these are some rumours as well. Bold and mean without a sense of sympathie, but out there like a stone wanting to beat you down. Only rumours are like a boomerang; they find their way back to you. The boomerang like a symbol for karma. And the only thing that can stop the boomerang from hitting you on its return, is to put a big mirror in front of you. Being able to see, feel and reflect the rumours you started to your own spirit, soul and mind. Starting to make that change by looking at yourself and the motions and emotions of and in your life. Release yourself from negativity, from bad energy and release yourself from spreading them around, release yourself from rumours because they never bring love nor hapiness. Surround yourself with positivity, with good beautiful energy and spread it out around the world. The only rumour you can spread is that love heals and love is the answer to all our indifferences, hurt or quilt. And when the boomerang of love that you spread hits you while it returns, you receive the best gift of life. And there are no words needed at all.

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